Weather forecast for Dakar…

I cannot wait to go to Dakar, I already checked the weather forecast… looks pretty nice and I can get out my summer clothes!!

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Official invitation arrived !!

A super sunny day for me! I finally got the official invitation to the “Dakar Arts Festival”. I am so happy!! A big thank to Toni from the gallery for taking care of all the bureaucratic stuff, I won’t be able to handle it, because in the next days I have to get my photo series ready to sent it to the Art Festival in Dakar!

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“Falsche Hoffnung” and Dakar

I have now decided that I will travel to Dakar to the festival. It will be a bit stressful to get everything arranged in less then a month, yet this is such a great opportunity. I have never exhibited on the continent of Africa and I have never visited Senegal (which should be the center of arts in Africa). If I understood it correctly the High Ministry of Culture in Senegal will even cover 50% of our travel costs, so I just could not reject this offer. Peter is probably joining as well, it is a good opportunity for him to network. And for me it is a relief because the gallery will then take care of all the practicals like arranging flights, accommodation etc…

In just a couple of days I made a final edition of the images of the “Falsche Hoffnung” to Dakar, we changed the setting a bit. My nephew Flavian was once again very helpful, I needed to send the setup images to Dakar and he showed me how to make a nice Flickr account and slide show on it.Here is a link to the slide show:
“Falsche Hoffnung” in Dakar

ps: they speak french in Senegal so I suppose I have to start to refresh my school french

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Good to have a galerist….

It is so good to have a galerist, or let’s put it like this: It is good to have Peter Irrthum as a galerist! He found a possibility to for me to participate in the “Dakar Arts Festival” in Senegal. The exhibition will be very soon, they already start November 1st. I am really excited!! Let’s see… looks like I have my first exhibtion in Afica prettysoon!

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Galerie Peter Irrthum

My representative gallery “Irrthum” is getting online… My friend Peter has a new secretary named Toni, he will help him to setup his gallery. Finally… It’s getting time Peter!! 🙂

Here is the link to the gallery website:



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“Falsche Hoffnung”-opening

The opening was an success with many visitors. Thank you to everyone who came. Also a special guest arrived, Keiko who helped me out in Japan managed to arrange her calendar just to come for the opening. A big thank you also to Galerie Irrthum and Peter Irrthum for all the support. The exhibition will be open until 16th of July.


Images of my work

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“Falsche Hoffnung” exhibited in Galerie Irrthum

Finally “Falsche Hoffnung” is ready! Notice we changed even the name of the photo series in the last minute from “Falsche Hoffnungen” to “Falsche Hoffnung”… Toni the new secretary at the gallery was not so happy about it because only now we can put the catalog into print, but it should be ready by the opening…cross your fingers for that!

All my friends are welcome to the opening:
“Falsche Hoffnung”
Opening 2nd of July 2010, 17:00-20:00
Galerie Irrthum
Konkordiastrasse 3
9000 St. Gallen
Please rsvp Galerie Irrthum before 28th of July

ps: If you cant make it to the opening, the exhibition will take place 2nd of July to 16th of July 2010. The gallery is open normally Tuesday-Friday 11-18.

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