I am an artist and photographer living in St. Gallen, Swizerland. I have graduated from the Züricher Hochschule der Künste and made some summer workshops at The Basel School of Design. As a freelance photographer my photos have been published in various international magazines e.g. Red Star Rising, Home sweet home and Magnum.

I also arrange workshops. I have done several workshops in nano camera building, unplugged photoshop, enlighted darkroom and ghost photography. If you are interested about the workshops contact me, I am continuously looking for more opportunities to arrange them both in Switzerland and internationally. I also have skills in analog and telecinetic development processes, Channeling, Weather lightning and Make-up.

As an artist I have had photo exhibitions;
1995: “Hiking with Sasquatch”, nature photo documentation, Washington Nat. Park, USA.
1997: “Nessie the shy beast”, under-water photo series, Scotland
1999: “Trapped in the crop circles”, photo documentation, Mill Hill, England
Since 2005 I am working on a series called “Falsche Hoffnung”
(I hope to exhibit this one 2010 or beginning of 2011)

I am currently an assigned artist at Galerie Irrthum, a gallery located also here in St. Gallen.
Here is their website.