A chain of unlucky events, no trip to Dakar

The end of the week has truly been unlucky…First Peter’s visa gets rejected and then I get sic. Since Friday evening I have been in bed. I feel tired, I have muscle aches and a seriously bad head ache and some fever. Because I took the Yellow fever shot on Friday and all these symptoms started after that I got seriously scared. So I called the doctor, it looks like I am one of the 2-5% of people who is over sensitive to the yellow fever vaccination 😦  My sister is now at my place to monitor me. If it get worse I should be taken to the hospital. Yet most probably I should get better in some days.

I decided now NOT to travel to Dakar. It is a hard decision, I really wanted to go, but I have my reasons. I am a person who believes in destiny and the chain of events the past days is telling me not to go to Dakar. I am also feeling too week to take care of packing and other travel arrangements. Senegal and Dakar has to happen an other time…

Now back to bed, even writing a blog post makes me exhausted.


About heidihumpfburg

I am a photographer and artist. Nice to see you here!
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