It is really happening!

On monday Peter took our visas to the Embassy in Zürih so our visas are now in process. Everything is happening super fast, because we need to be in Dakar 30th of October so in less than two weeks.  We have a hotel booking, in the end Peter had to make it him self, because the hotel they were offering from the festival was very bad. So we have now reservations in Hotel Farid. Peter sent me a link: It looks very nice.

I also learned that we have to get Yellow Fever vaccinations before we go to Senegal, so earlier today I called the local “Travel Clinic” and got an appointment for Friday.  I don’t like the needles, but it is a small thing if it makes it more secure to travel.

I am also busy to prepare the photos that are sent separately to Senegal with DHL I think… Toni is fixing the details, I am just preparing the package 🙂 Here a image of the package that hopefully will leave in a couple of days to Senegal !!!

Back to preparations…I am already starting to make a list of what I should pack.



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I am a photographer and artist. Nice to see you here!
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