Greetings from Japan

I am actually now in Japan. It is so great here. Yesterday we were partying my birthday with Keiko. We went out eating sushi to a very fancy place and then we found this funny bar just by the xx metro station, they had  a huge disco-ball and very cheap gin tonics during happy hour.  And as you know I LOVE gin tonics. I have already been wandering around Tokyo and there is so much to photograph here, and I am getting very good material for the “Falsche Hoffnung” series. I also visited some exhibitions here that were very inspiring, though one in Yokohama was a bit poorly arranged.

Here are some images I took:

Metro in Tokyo

Disco ball in the funny bar

On the streets of Tokyo

From a kind of temple area

Adds from electronic district, I was thinking of buying some lenses, but it got too complicated even if Keiko was helping me…


ps: I have not worked with these images so they are very raw
ps2: I got a bit frustrated with uploading the images and something went wrong so I had to start all from the beginning, so I didn’t write as much as the first time, sorry.




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I am a photographer and artist. Nice to see you here!
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