Cards for B-day

Toni remembered me on my birthday and gave me a set of quartet cards that he has designs. Here is one example. I think they are super!

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Inspired by the spring

The winter has been tough on me including some major disappointments. Therefore I needed some new inspiration and time to find myself. The past weeks I spent in Caorle a beach resort in north Italy. This time of the year it is quite empty, but this is just what I needed. I found inspiration to return to a photo series I have been working on earlier in Russia and Ukraine. The photo series is called “Faceless”. So the past weeks have been very good and I am fresh to return to creative work again. The bits of the puzzle are falling on their places again, because I have now a 3 month opportunity to work in an artist in residency in Austria. My plan is to finish the “Faceless” series, to exhibit it, and I have already received interest for the artwork from various art buyers.

Looks like spring is full of sun!


See the whole slide show here

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A chain of unlucky events, no trip to Dakar

The end of the week has truly been unlucky…First Peter’s visa gets rejected and then I get sic. Since Friday evening I have been in bed. I feel tired, I have muscle aches and a seriously bad head ache and some fever. Because I took the Yellow fever shot on Friday and all these symptoms started after that I got seriously scared. So I called the doctor, it looks like I am one of the 2-5% of people who is over sensitive to the yellow fever vaccination 😦  My sister is now at my place to monitor me. If it get worse I should be taken to the hospital. Yet most probably I should get better in some days.

I decided now NOT to travel to Dakar. It is a hard decision, I really wanted to go, but I have my reasons. I am a person who believes in destiny and the chain of events the past days is telling me not to go to Dakar. I am also feeling too week to take care of packing and other travel arrangements. Senegal and Dakar has to happen an other time…

Now back to bed, even writing a blog post makes me exhausted.

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Ooh, what a unlucky day

The trip to Senegal is on hold now 😦 Peter can’t get a visa and now I have to decide if I go to Senegal alone or not. I don’t feel quite secure going there alone as a woman, yet if I feel that the organizers can take care of my security, I would really much still want to go. I got the yellow fever shot today, though I have been feeling a bit weird since then and super tired. That is why I wont make a decision about it today. I will sleep over it, make some research and decide tomorrow if I go without Peter or not.

Now I have a cup of tea and a good night sleep and hopefully I feel better tomorrow…and my brain starts to work again.


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It is really happening!

On monday Peter took our visas to the Embassy in Zürih so our visas are now in process. Everything is happening super fast, because we need to be in Dakar 30th of October so in less than two weeks.  We have a hotel booking, in the end Peter had to make it him self, because the hotel they were offering from the festival was very bad. So we have now reservations in Hotel Farid. Peter sent me a link: It looks very nice.

I also learned that we have to get Yellow Fever vaccinations before we go to Senegal, so earlier today I called the local “Travel Clinic” and got an appointment for Friday.  I don’t like the needles, but it is a small thing if it makes it more secure to travel.

I am also busy to prepare the photos that are sent separately to Senegal with DHL I think… Toni is fixing the details, I am just preparing the package 🙂 Here a image of the package that hopefully will leave in a couple of days to Senegal !!!

Back to preparations…I am already starting to make a list of what I should pack.


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Sightseeing in Dakar

I also made some research what to do in Dakar. We are going to stay there for a week so besides the opening and the set up of my work I hope to have some time to go sightseeing and maybe to the beach 🙂

Here are some places I want to see. Made it a Google map so I can print it and take it with me!

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Links about Dakar

I started to research a bit about Dakar and Senegal, so that I know where I end up next week 🙂

Images Dakar
Wikipedia Senegal
Video Dakar
Travel Documentation Senegal, Part 1




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Weather forecast for Dakar…

I cannot wait to go to Dakar, I already checked the weather forecast… looks pretty nice and I can get out my summer clothes!!

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Official invitation arrived !!

A super sunny day for me! I finally got the official invitation to the “Dakar Arts Festival”. I am so happy!! A big thank to Toni from the gallery for taking care of all the bureaucratic stuff, I won’t be able to handle it, because in the next days I have to get my photo series ready to sent it to the Art Festival in Dakar!

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“Falsche Hoffnung” and Dakar

I have now decided that I will travel to Dakar to the festival. It will be a bit stressful to get everything arranged in less then a month, yet this is such a great opportunity. I have never exhibited on the continent of Africa and I have never visited Senegal (which should be the center of arts in Africa). If I understood it correctly the High Ministry of Culture in Senegal will even cover 50% of our travel costs, so I just could not reject this offer. Peter is probably joining as well, it is a good opportunity for him to network. And for me it is a relief because the gallery will then take care of all the practicals like arranging flights, accommodation etc…

In just a couple of days I made a final edition of the images of the “Falsche Hoffnung” to Dakar, we changed the setting a bit. My nephew Flavian was once again very helpful, I needed to send the setup images to Dakar and he showed me how to make a nice Flickr account and slide show on it.Here is a link to the slide show:
“Falsche Hoffnung” in Dakar

ps: they speak french in Senegal so I suppose I have to start to refresh my school french

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